Michael a. G $ 44,086.16 | Virginia P $39,489.31 | Nick J $39,247.97 | Marcia C $31,862.66 | Mindi A $31,532.44 | Williams V $27,828.17 | Dionisio R $24,799.82 | Margaret B $20,681.00 | Willionda D $13,958.55 | Randolph Lee C $13,172.56 | Rosa Haydee R $13,041.65 | Keith Alan T $11,141.33 | Mary R $8,846.96 | Jesus C $6,838.72 | Rodolfo Lucero B $6,381.00 | Hakim & Indira B $5,686.15 | Michael & Linda M $5,247.54 | Francisco A $5,000.00 | George Sadtler R $4,546.41
JS#1 Investment Inc is an asset recovery (not debt collection) company based in Tampa, FL serving businesses and individuals nationwide every day to reunite them with unclaimed funds held by the state. Our experienced team of analysts uncover thousands of dollars of unclaimed or lost assets that belong to their rightful owners, or heirs that never knew existed.

If you’re in front of us, or we have contacted you, it’s a good thing!

At JS #1 Investments, Inc. we can help you achieve financial freedom. There are a variety of different ways to build your wealth and with the help of our expert agents we can guide you in the right path.

Our service is to locate former property owners and retrieve any excess funds.

All this at no out of pocket cost to you!

When the property has been sold due to non-payment of taxes the former title holder may be entitled to the surplus balance. With our teams resources we can help you recover these lost funds.

Again, at no cost to you we can help you recover your money!