Michael a. G $ 44,086.16 | Virginia P $39,489.31 | Nick J $39,247.97 | Marcia C $31,862.66 | Mindi A $31,532.44 | Williams V $27,828.17 | Dionisio R $24,799.82 | Margaret B $20,681.00 | Willionda D $13,958.55 | Randolph Lee C $13,172.56 | Rosa Haydee R $13,041.65 | Keith Alan T $11,141.33 | Mary R $8,846.96 | Jesus C $6,838.72 | Rodolfo Lucero B $6,381.00 | Hakim & Indira B $5,686.15 | Michael & Linda M $5,247.54 | Francisco A $5,000.00 | George Sadtler R $4,546.41
JS 1 Investments goal is to ensure that the property owners receive their unclaimed funds. Owner fails to pay property taxes, the county  auctions the property to raise the funds to cover the unpaid taxes.  Our team works diligently to find property owners and to recover their money.

Each week our expert team of research agents uncover thousands of dollars of unclaimed or lost assets that their rightful owners never knew existed.

When you select JS 1 Investments to recover unclaimed assets on your behalf we manage the entire process and every detail. Once we receive your signed authorization, we gather all necessary information we will begin the process to recover your money.

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*JS 1 Investments operates on a contingent fee basis. We don’t get paid unless YOU get paid.

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