Michael a. G $ 44,086.16 | Virginia P $39,489.31 | Nick J $39,247.97 | Marcia C $31,862.66 | Mindi A $31,532.44 | Williams V $27,828.17 | Dionisio R $24,799.82 | Margaret B $20,681.00 | Willionda D $13,958.55 | Randolph Lee C $13,172.56 | Rosa Haydee R $13,041.65 | Keith Alan T $11,141.33 | Mary R $8,846.96 | Jesus C $6,838.72 | Rodolfo Lucero B $6,381.00 | Hakim & Indira B $5,686.15 | Michael & Linda M $5,247.54 | Francisco A $5,000.00 | George Sadtler R $4,546.41
Why should you invest

Real Estate Investing is a market that many want to pursue but few know how to do. This is a great way to turn your investment into continuous cash flow. How do you ask? There are many different ways set your goals into motion and we can show you how.

JS #1 Investments, Inc. has upheld a reputation in guiding its customers into financial success. We can teach you the tricks into investing or we can handle the accounts for you to provide a consistent revenue, the choice is yours.

At JS #1 Investment we will get to know your needs and desires, so we won’t waste your time. It’s our job to find you outstanding value, from turn key homes to houses that with the help of our network professionals can turn that opportunity into your dream home.

Within the process of locating your new investment property we will help with the following:

  • Properties that have been cleared of liens
  • Consultants to help you turn your new investment in to a cash-flow property Attorneys to answer questions on a case by case basis as well as represent when needed
  • Completion of all necessary paperwork  and filings
  • Auction representation and final closings

Dollar house isolated over white.
Dollar house isolated over white.