Michael a. G $ 44,086.16 | Virginia P $39,489.31 | Nick J $39,247.97 | Marcia C $31,862.66 | Mindi A $31,532.44 | Williams V $27,828.17 | Dionisio R $24,799.82 | Margaret B $20,681.00 | Willionda D $13,958.55 | Randolph Lee C $13,172.56 | Rosa Haydee R $13,041.65 | Keith Alan T $11,141.33 | Mary R $8,846.96 | Jesus C $6,838.72 | Rodolfo Lucero B $6,381.00 | Hakim & Indira B $5,686.15 | Michael & Linda M $5,247.54 | Francisco A $5,000.00 | George Sadtler R $4,546.41


JS#1 INVESTMENTS INC operates on a contingent fee basis, including attorney’s fees at no cost to you. It is in our best interest to claim the funds on your behalf in the most efficient way possible.

Experienced Team

Our experienced attorney will be able to evaluate your claim and determine whether you have grounds to recover the funds or to find out whether you can take legal action and pursuit a settlement.

Premium Services

Many funds go to banks, government entities, institutions such as HOA’s, etc. because the rightful owner never makes a claim. This is why our attorney and staff will work on your behalf at absolutely no cost to you.

Great Support

Upon signing our legal authorization documents JS#1 INVESTMENTS INC and our claims processors will manage the entire claim process step by step preparing all necessary paperwork to insure your claim gets paid.